[Tutorial] Burgundy Eye Makeup (3 looks)

9:58 PM

Hello beauties !
Today i want to share with you my simple simple simple burgundy eye makeup..
Do not want wait too long, just lets get started !

Step by step from left above to right bottom :
1. (after drawing my eyebrow) bare eyelid, you can use any primer or matte lightly eyeshadow if you want
2. apply matte burgundy eyeshadow on my lid
3. apply matte burgundy eyeshadow on the lower lash line
4. blending out the eyeshadow, so there's no harsh edge
5. apply gold shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner and the middle part of my lid
6. apply brown pencil liner to my upper line, and apply matte white eyeshadow to my brow bone
7. curl my lashes and apply mascara to the upper and my lower lashes, also put on my false lashes
8. done !
How it looks like :

Then , i just apply black liquid liner to my lash line to build up more awake effect

I just decided to apply black pencil liner to my lower line, just to see how it looks like and wala, the black liner just made an more awake effect and also smokey effect as well..

 This is the final looks
(from left to right)
left : Burgundy eye makeup with brown pencil liner
center : Burgundy eye makeup with black liquid liner
right : Burgundy eye makeup with black liquid liner on the upper line and black pencil liner on the bottom line

I like my second looks with black liquid liner on the upper line, i think thats just make my eye looks bigger but still natural and not too extreme..

How do you think ? ^^
Which one do you like ?

Product i used :
- Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette
The Balm Nude 'tude Palette
- Etude House Drawing Eye Brow
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof
- Innisfree Longlong Cara
- ELF Eyelash Curler

Anyway, thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoy this tutorial..
Just let me know what you think, by leave a comment down below, i don't wanna miss any > <

God bless ya .

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  1. Subtle tapi cantik banget Kak! Aku ngga pernah bisa pake eyeshadow nii, mungkin bakal nyoba gaya kayak gini ^^

    Main-main ke blog aku yah Kak kalo sempet, and btw I've followed you.. Kalo suka content blog aku boleh follow back yaa ^^


  2. Bulu mata kamu bagus banget, nice makeup look anyway :)


  3. Bagus hasilnya, kelihatan natural, alisnya juga. Tapi sayang gak ada foto full facenya. Pengen liat full facenya dooonk, pasti cantik deh hihihi

    IRA | www.knewtoolittle.com