[Review] Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof

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Hello reader !
Today i'll talking about mascara. The only mascara i have is from ELF.
Since i've ran out of mascara, i decided to buy the new one on Maybelline counter.
After looking for a few mascara, i decided to bought Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof, this is one of My First Haul product.
I believe some of you may know this product since it's already available on drugstore not only in Indonesia but another country also.

I ever seen this product in some review, and after i see the mascara directly, i think it's worth to try..

 I bought it IDR 89.300 or around $7,5. The product isn't comes with box like in another country i've ever seen, it's just packed with catchy purple curved tube and tight plastic.

 The brush is not too big and not too tiny either, but what i liked, the brush is bends so you can get the right angle to apply mascara so it doesn't smudge onto the skin during application and its also works really well on lower lashes.
The mascara is slightly wet but after applied, it quick to dry.

This is when i applied on my lashes
Bare lashes (without curling), Applied 1 coat, Applied 2 coat

Applied 1 coat - Applied 2 coat

Waterproof ? Yes like what it's claimed, it's waterproof but easy to remove also, i usually using eye makeup remover which containing oil and it will removes easily.

Pros :
+ Affordable price
+ Easy to find
+ Separates my lashes well
+ Waterproof
+ Make my lashes looks bold and black

Cons :

That's my review, i love this mascara, and no doubt why other people really loved it..
What's your currently mascara ? :)

Thank you for reading, i hope this post usefull..
God bless.
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