First Liebster Award ^^

September 22, 2014

Hi everyone..
Yeay what i've got? yes, this is my first Liebster Award.. I was nominated by Intan Defrina, thanks to her .. It was an honor for me to be a part of this award :)

What is Liebster Award ?
It's an award (kind of chain award, i would say) for a blog which has less than 200 followers for being acknowledge by other blogger :)
I think it seems a great way to introduce myself hehe

After being nominated, i should :
  • Answer 11 questions from Intan
  • Mention 11 random facts of me
  • Nominate 11 fellow bloggers and post 11 questions for them to answer
  • Let the bloggers know that i've nominated them
These are the questions that Intan ask me to answer :

1. What is my Beauty Philosophy ?
Well, for me, beauty isn't always talking about our appearance.. when we talking about beauty, always, what is in our mind ? Yes, inner and outer beauty.. for me, inner beauty is how you act, the way how you thinking, how your attitude and how you treat others.. All of them are reflects to our appearance also.. sometimes maybe we just don't realize it.. hehe and outer beauty is your appearance, you can use makeup which suit for you.. I think everyone is beautiful and people should be love themselves..

2. Which one is your favourite: US brands, Korean products or Japanese ?
At first, i prefer Korean products, but at this time i started to try US products also, and i love it

3. Who is your favourite actress and why ?
Angelina Jolie.. She was a great actress, full of totality and very beautiful..

4. If you are traveling to the beach and can only bring 1 piece of make up, which item will you pick to accompany you; an Etude BB cream, the Balm's Betty-Lou bronzer, or the Revlon's chubby stick? Explain why.
I think i would say BB cream... I think BB cream is more useful for me hehe especially if there is a content of SPF, it can protects the skin from sunlight directly..

5. If you have opportunity to be a professional make up artist, who will be your first customer ?
Hmmm.. i'm going to say Im Yoon A from Girls Generation, since she's my idol :p

6. What is your favourite soft lenses color ?

I prefer black or dark brown color, but now i'm just using clear transparent soft lens without any color..
I was a bit afraid when wearing bright colors of soft lenses with large diameter also.. why? I'm scared if that can change my original appearance .. so, now i used transparent soft lenses with 14.00mm diameters and it's more comfortable for me

7. Travel to USA for three days, or a full 10 days in South East Asia ?
Travel to USA for three days :p

8. What is your biggest lifetime achivement ?
So far, i think that's my degree, i hope one day i'll made more bigger achivement :)

9. What is the most desired quality from a spouse/partner/boyfriend ? Explain why.
Most desired ? i think sincere and loyal, for now its quite rare to find people who sincere and loyal.. isn't it ? it's like an expensive value from a people..
Hmm, i've always said the same answer when people ask me a question like this..
Basicly, i just want a person who accept me for who i am, loving me with all my imperfection, sincere and loyal.. I mean, i never look at another person even they're my friend, colleague, or boyfriend based on what they/he had, physical, money and i hope they're so... don't want to sound hypocritical, but money isn't priority for me in case to choose a friend, partner or even boyfriend.. what about their appearance ? isn't it relative ? in case "you have a handsome face? a fancy car? a lot of money?" trust me, i've never looking at you based on your money, not even once, that's just a bonus.. When i say "i love you", i really love you for who you are, NOT for what you have.. and I really mean it

10. Does money matter more than love ?
It's quite difficult to answer, of course people need money to get on our life.. OF COURSE........ but, however, money can be found as long as we work and made an effort of it, how about love that suit you? you will only find true love once in a life time, and when that moment comes, will you look at how much money that their owned? some of people maybe answered yes , and the other not.. but for me, it seems money doesnt matter than love, we can work hard together.. ;)

11. If you are granted with US$ 100,000, what will you do ?

Surely, i'll give half of them to my parents, then i am going to make an investment (since i'm an economics bachelors, so this is what i'm thinking haha), then i will attend a class of cooking and guitar :D and after that i will running a business.. want to become an entrepreneur :p

Random Fact of me :

1. I am originally from Samarinda, East Borneo.. and i live in Surabaya, East Java during my lecture

2. I have one sister older than me and one sister younger than me

3. I've graduated from Marketing Concentration of Business and Economics Faculty from one of leading Universities in Surabaya, East Java

4. I'm 153cm, i'm quite short, you are right haha when i'm with my college's friend, some of them like to call me "cil" (cil refers to Kecil -.-" haha), yes i'm a little kid :p

5. I love EATING, chocolate ? i really love chocolate.. chocolate is my best friend ever !!

6. I'm a Gemini girl, but some of gemini traits isn't match with me

7. I started blogging since 2013, then i'm too busy with my thesis and just started again this year after i got my degree :)

8. I'm a romantic girl, and if another girl just expect highly on his partner, i'm not. I can do something that maybe another girl not even wiiling to do but i will do it for the person i love

9. Some of my wishlist make up is, Make up Forever Foundation, Make up Forever HD Primer, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Urban Decay Palette

10. I LOVE RILAKKUMA :D don't want to sound childish.. i'm just like another girl who at least loving one cartoon character..

11. I'm currently being studied in cooking skill and playing guitar skill

Blogs that i nominated :
1. Indira Wulandari (
2. Jasmine Zheng (
3. Intan Pertiwi (
4. Wahyuni Nisa Fauzi (
5. Maria Angelina Vania (
6. Amanda Anandita Rizal (
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11. Felysa Febiany (

My Question :

1. What's make up product that you can't live without ?

2. What's the most worst make up product did you ever bought and why ?

3. What's your biggest lifetime achievement ?

4. What's your passion beside make up ?

5. What's most expensive makeup product that you ever bought ?

6. How you did your skin care routine ?

7. When you go to traveling, what's in your travel make up bag ?

8. Which part of your face you like the most ?

9. What kind of make up do you like to use ?

10. Who inspires you the most ?

11. If you have one week free time, what will you do ?

God bless !

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