[Mini Haul] What I've Bought This Month - February

April 08, 2019

Hello beauties !
What ? Today is february already ?
February, the month that full of love, and pink pink pink everywhere..
Yap, i want to share my "what i've bought this month", like whats on the title, this post is about what i've bought and i've received for this month..

I've received a package from ETUDE HOUSE, i've wait it for only 2 weeks..
It has a beauty and pinky bag, so cute ! Oh my God can't wait to unwrap the package and take a look for the stuff i bought ^^

Hey little boy who's standing there :D

Let's see the product one by one

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #grey
I've tried the dark brown one, and i'm just curious and want to find the color that can match my brow

For some reason, i just wanna try to coloring or darwing on my nail, and i've bought some product
Sweet Dot Stick

Play Nails Series

Play Nails Series

Play Nails Series
(how cute that little boy)

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack
Innisfree is a famous brand right ? especially for skincare, i've tried Innisfree Wine Series, you can check them here :
and i decided to try this unique liquid nose pack

and this is the another part that i loved too, BONUS ^^
They gave me so many tester and also a LIMITED pink ballpoint, so cute !!!!

That is my "what i've bought this month", not many, just a few product, also some of them is an impulse buying.. ^^"

Where to buy :
Facebook : Etude House
WA : 082230185968

If you also intersted with the baby, you can find them here :
Instagram : Kumakumagift
There are sooooo many kind of baby,so cute ^^

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoy this post.
God bless and regards,

Find me here :

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  1. Ini pesen online kan? Kok bs dpet paperbag sm pink pow ? :D

    1. Iya sis pesen online dari The Etude House (www.facebook.com/theetudehouse).
      Online shop ini ambil langsung dari Etude Korea jadi pengiriman buat customernya juga pake shopping bag original etude :)

  2. nail polishnyaaaa aaaaaaaa!! *.*
    Oiyaa aku lagi adain sale di blog nih, mampir yaaa makasii ^^

    Fairuz Inas


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