[Travel] Spring Time in Seoul

June 20, 2017

Hi reader !
This is my first post ever about traveling ^^

source by google

I didn’t go to the place that people usually do, don’t know but I prefer to shopping and eating.  Not a fan of traditional place, but I think I should try it.

After struggling a lot for my visa applications, finally I have my flight to Seoul in May 11, 2017.

My flight schedule are from Balikpapan – Seoul but transit to Jakarta for 2 hours.
And we’re leaving Jakarta at 11.30 PM (Jakarta time).  It tooks around 7 hours. Fortunately, I’m sitting with very nice Korean uncle.  Since it was a long time flight, it’s really glad to have nice person who sat beside you.  He even open my table while i was sleeping and let the flight attendant put the snacks .

We’ve landed at Seoul at 8.00 AM (Seoul time).  
Since I’m alone, because my sister already arrived 2 days ago before me (why ? it’s because our Visa application's story -.- ), I have to do all of sort things alone.
After I took my baggage, I have to purchase sim card or router, then exchange some money, got my subway card.
Then, I took my first train in Seoul ^^ since it was already 9.00 AM, it just have a few people in train, all the worker already took the earliest.

On my first day, after I reach our guest house, I go to pasta's restaurant near our guest house, i've told by my sis about this restaurant.  The combination of the cream and the pickles is just perfect.  Creamy yet freshened.
Chicken Cream Spaghetti

on my second time visit this place, i've ordered this one

Tomato Spaghetti

I got surprised, it was Spring , but the weather was quite cold, it was 14 degree celsius.

On the second day, we've breakfast it some restaurant, we've ordered this delicious Mandoo and Ramyeon ^^

Mandoo with Seaweed soup

Ramyeon, with kimchi and pickles for Mandoo

Then, I decided to go to Namsan, but, after a long way, it was rain so hard, I bought an umbrella, but it got broken because of the wind. Some of the elder said ‘typhoon’ for joke.  I didn’t take any pic either, because of the wind and rain.  All I got was this little snowball at the picture below. 

not too bad huh ? ^^"

I've also goes to Myeongdong, when I am arrived at the station, I just smelt something sweet like bread ? oh that's this things, fish shaped bread with sweet cream into it.

Don't forget to try this as well! super duper yummy !

Then, We also have a lunch there, and this is Jjajangmyun and tangsuyok. with their pickle for sure hehe
Jjajangmyun with pickle =P


Also, we didn't forget to visit LINE Store and take a picture with Super Big Brown ^^

Hi, James ! 

and these are some stuff 

too many cuteness XD

After spent a few hours in Myeongdong, We got all of this 

Super large bag from Olive Yound and Nature Republic, because we bought so many stuff at these two store

Most of them are ordered by my customer, since i opened fast order from seoul back then.

Another day, I goes to SUM Market, which is known as SM Entertainment CafΓ© and market.  So many celebrities things and I bought some item which is ordered by my customer.  After it, we go to the biggest Kakao Store at Gangnam, and bought some cute things ^^

for detailed, all of the Kakao Friends Store photo is sourced by google.com ^^

Front store

I've took a photo with this super cute Ryan, but didn't well since the store is very crowded and peoples comes and go, we can't take the photo properly >< what a pity huh ?

and this is the super cute Frodo and NEO ^^ again, can't take a sit and take a photo as well, because there's a woman with her son sat there, i've go around and take a look a product, and back again, they aren't moving yet, this is from google as well ><

Want some kiss from Peach ? lol

The dolls are super cute, Ryan and Neo are the most cutest ^^

Cute mustache ^^

Cute NEO, i saw it at olive young !!! ^^ 

On the night, we were going to E-dae, and go to a game counter and what I saw was these doll catcher machine ! Some tourist are also there, trying to catch some lol .  I feel it XD after I saw this super duper cute doll !!! I don’t even know it was goblin’s doll (Korean drama), my sister told me so, I just found this things too cute.

This is super duper cute !!!

I play for 3 times but cant catch any ! huh so sad, and tomorrow, we goes to Common Ground, the place is quite cool but not that many stores.  But you can take good selcas here ahaha

there are some florist

so beautiful

Last day, we decided to have a lunch , and the place was near with the game center, I take a look to the machine, and play for 4 times, got nothing but the potitions is too good I can’t leave em. Anyway, spend 1000 won for one game, and 5000 won for six game, and 10000 won for twelve game.  Since I don’t have any 1000 or 5000 won, so I borrowed to my sis 5000 won so we got 6 chance, and after another one game, we got the first cutie lil friend, and we still have 5 chance left, we played again and got another one ! and at the last chance, play again but too close, so we spent another 5000 won, and we got another one ! this is me and our lil friend πŸ˜ƒ

so happy ^^
After that, we go to the restaurant that we decided earlier,  this is all you can eat restaurant and it’s non halal hehe.  The place is so crowded and people have to queued.

After taking lunch for around 1 hour, and belly full of food, I asking to go to game center again, because I want to check em again, but the potitions isn’t good, and we were leaving. 
For our last dinner in Seoul, we bought this box of chicken and its friends πŸ˜ƒ

1 box chicken, with sauce and tin of cola, 20 pieces of chicken, with 1 big bottle of cider, that's what i saw on kdrama, and i knew why peps like it, it's so yummy !

It was a really good experience, the place where only i saw on drama before, but i reached it, really a good place ^^

Thank you for spend your time for reading my story, i really appreciate it ^^
Don't forget to share what's on your thought as well, i love read em all ^^

Best Regards,

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