[Chitchat] Why Am I Shy to Speak Up ?

August 05, 2017

Another blog post, but different story.. not about review or tutorial.  But this is about my self.
Lately, I've been thinking that I used to be so carefully, so afraid to letting others know about me, my self, my thought.  I mean, to other people like my friend, I used to be so introvert.

When I was in my college, I used to be so cheerful, so talk active.  But because one reasons, it makes me being so introvert. How does your feeling when someone told you that you're too talk active, too much chatting, too much asking, when you don't even mean to bother others by doing it ?
And it makes me thinking do I too talk active ? I should talk less, chat less than before, so people around me not getting annoyed or something. That what I used to think back then.

One time, my friend who rarely contacting me, starts to talking with me, and said that you're different, you used to be talk active, not like this, just hearing and answer without any interest like a statue.

It slapped me, seriously..

Now, I realized, I understood, I don't have to think what other think about me.  That's me, yes I'm talk active, cheerful and I like chatting with others, and I don't have to changing my self for other.  I'm not hurting anyone by talking actively, I just like chatting and sharing, why do I have to change ?

Every person have their own judgement and thought, I think as long as I don't hurt anyone, I can be my self back, the old me.

Anyway, thank you for takes some of your time to read it..

God bless.


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