[Tutorial] Brown Eyes For Valentines Day

September 17, 2017

Hello everyone,
Today i'll make another tutorial, since 4 days later is a valentines day, i have an idea for simple eye makeup but still looks pretty great.

Here we go.

1. After done with your eyebrow, take a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it from the outter corner of my eye then blending it in, avoid the center of the lid
2. Apply shimmery pink eye shadow to the middle part of the lid and blending it with the brown eyeshadow
3. Apply the pink eye shadow before to the lower lash line, then take a shimmery gold eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner of my lid
4. Apply black liquid liner to my line and apply matte and shimmery white eye shadow (i used two eyeshadow) to the inner corner of my line, also curl my lashes then apply mascara 
5. Put natural false lashes
6. Done

Product i used (clickable) :
Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner
ELF Curler

Pretty simple right ?
For me, when valentines day comes, i just want to looks different but still natural and still be my own self..

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you guys like it ^^

"You may don't know how much you mean to me, how much happiness that you bring in to my life, i'll always trying to be more better for you. Can't say anything but Thank You for came in to my life" - Lucy Liu

God bless..


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