[Tutorial] My Current Go To Eye MakeUp Tutorial

September 06, 2017

Hi everyone,

Every person have different type of makeup, but they definitely have one type of makeup which they use for everyday looks. So did I ;)

Currently I'm using my Wet n Wild 8 Eye Shadow in Comfort Zone for eye shadow, let's move on to the eye shadow ^^

I only use Eyelid and Crease colors from the left column.

Step :
after doing your eye brow.
1.  Apply soft beige color called eyelid all over the lid, and blending it well.
2.  Apply soft brown color called crease to the outer corner of eye, blending it in so there's no harsh line.
3.  Apply the two eye shadow before to the lower lash line as well.
4.  Apply eye linet, curl lashes and apply mascara
5,6.  Final looks


Simple, easy, natural, isn't it ?
That's my current favourite looks.  What do you think ?
Tell me how you did yours :D

thank you for visiting ^^
God bless.


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