[Review] Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Eye Shadow

7:06 PM

Hello everyone,
This is my review about Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Eye Shadow which i bought a few years ago.. this product is a rich and pigmented also.. actually i've always using this product as my base eyeshadow ^^
Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Eye Shadow has a smooth texture and also no fading or creasing after applied..

I bought mine in number 303 which is Champagne Satin which have a beautiful shimmery gold..
The packaging is made of trasnparent plastic pot which you can see barely the color of eye shadow inside, the new color of the cap is gold as the color of eye shadow, but since i bought the product a few years ago, so i've got the black cap.. It's only contain 2,5g eye shadow.. i bought it around $11, yeah it's quite pricey for 2,5g eye shadow haha ^.^"

Here's the swatches on my hand

$11 for 2,5g eye shadow? regret? NO for it.. but YES, because i've just thinking "why am i not buy another color?" -.-"
If only i knew this product will be discontinued, i am supposed to buy several color of them.. what a beautiful product..

I don't know why, but this product already discontinued at the store, but don't worry we can also buy this product at some online store like ebay, amazone, etc.. huhu

Thank you for visiting and reading my post,
God Bless you all


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  1. aku suka..lagi ngincer eye shadow warna begini nihh... :)


  2. omg the colour is so pretty!!
    you should have bought another one!! XD
    xx Charmaine

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