[Review] Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 Eyeshadow Palette Comfort Zone

5:27 PM

Hi peeps !
I've been obsessed with the palette that I'm gonna review.
The palette from Wet n Wild comes with 8 pigmented eye shadow which very complete for everyday and even occasion looks.

There is a guide also how to apply each eye shadow

The picture may can't tell the fourth colors of the second coloumn (Definer).
It looks like a mixed of blue and maroon with micro glitter.

It comes with plastic packaging, also comes with two sides brush (sponge and flat angle).  But actually I prefer applied with my Coastal Scents Brushes.  I don't really like applying eye shadow with sponge brush and flat angle brush usually I used for apply brow powder products.

 Here's the swatches, I really like these colors. I used 3 of them for my go-to make up look. 
I'll post the tutorial soon, Here's the tutorial :)
The left sides contains light beige, soft copper , soft brown and dark brown eye shadow colors.


Just by seeing the eye shadows, you can tell each color has it's preference where you have to apply this product.
The right sides contains light grey, soft green, black, and the last one is mixed of blue and maroon.

For IDR 189.000 or USD 14 you can get 8 pigmented eye shadow.  That's a good deal isn't it ?
I've no regret for bought them.
All i can tell is i really like the palette, if you are a beginner this will be a good palette for you, and you can find it at the drugstore.

Pros :
+ Pigmented
+ Easy to find
+ Quite affordable

Cons :
- Sponge brush can't be use several times.  The color will stay on the brush if you just clean it up with tissue.  I think it should be angle and flat brush there.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to share your thought down below ^^
God bless.


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  1. Aku Lebih suka pakai warna nude untuk sehari - hari karena akan termination lebih natural ketika digunakan

    1. Kl nude lebih natural ya, cocok emg buat sehari2 ^^

  2. Wet n Wild emang nggak ada matinya yah kalau soal eyeshadow. Aku juga suka sama palet Wet n Wild, murah tapi pigmented banget. Kece! :D

  3. Wah ternyata palet ini rekomended ya? Aku jadi pengen haha. Aku kira ini nggak oke krn terjangkau juga

    1. Iya beneran recommended deh, pigmented banget, lumayan juga harganya terjangkau ^^