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Hi reader,
Wanna know more about me ?
So here are the "about me" and this blog..

First of all, sorry if my english is not good enough, i'll try to publish my another post with indonesian or english language..

Who are you ?
Let me introduce my self first..
My name is Lucyana Liulianto, since i've finished my study, my name has changed to Lucyana Liulianto, S.E (Business and Economics Bachelor) , you can call me Lucy/Cycy/Cy or whatever you want, but polite..
I have graduated from marketing concentration of Business and Economics Faculty from one of Universities in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia..
I'm a beauty blogger or vlogger from Samarinda-Surabaya, Indonesia.
I'm just like other girl who loves makeup, cooking, listening to the music, EATING and i love doing random crazy thing with my best friend :p
I was shy at the first time , not talk too much, but after you get to know me you'll know how i like talking, joking and sharing random things.. also i'm glad to make people feel happy when they are with me \m/

What is on your blog ?
lucyanaliu.com is my place where I can meet new people, creating relations and sharing with people who have the same interest in make up. I also made this blog as my diary to share some random things.
Nah, makeup?
Yah i love makeup, it's like a passion for me.. 
I got interested with makeup since i was in junior high school and began to explore since i was in college..
I only use makeup for special event, not for my daily activities..
I started blogging since 2013, then i started getting busy with my thesis then start active again at early 2014..

Skintone : NC 20

All images posted in this blog is taken by me for lucyanaliu.com and please don't used without my permission, you should contact me before.

How can I reach you ?
If you want to reach me for some purpose, information and co-operational partnership, please contact me to my email liulucyana@gmail.com or you can drop it on my Instagram post

Thank you for reading my blog.
I just want to share my collection with you all and maybe we can be friend too :)
I'll try to share with you as good as i can :)
You can also give me an advice by giving me a comment on my blog, so i can improve it..

"Makeup can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn't help if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup" - Audrey Hepburn -
Yeah, makeup can only make us look beautiful on the outside, so don't forget to improve inner beauty that exists in ourselves.

"Be ourselves is always better than turn ourselves into other" - Cy -

welcome to my little blog


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