(late) May 2017 Haul

June 17, 2017

Since most of my product bought in May, i'll make this late post kekeke
Ok, let's just begin..

As you guys know, I'm just back from Korea, and i bought some product too, they are :

May 2017 Haul

1. Holika holika Smooth Cleansing Foam
    This product is formulated to sweep dead skin cells and dirt, i bought it for KRW 7.900.  It comes        with unique yet interesting packaging.

2.  Holika holika Gudetama Puff
     This is too cute, i can't leave the store without buying it haha, what i saw on the store, the sponge        shape just like a normal face sponge, but with gudetama face on it. i bought it for KRW 2.800.

3.  Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Balm
     I'm just asking the salesgirl the product which good for blackhead, and she's recommended me this      product, I bought it for KRW 5.000.

4.  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack in Travel Size
     When you're searching for best sleeping pack, this product is one of them, so many review about        how good the product is, but because its quite pricey, i decided to try the sample first. I bought it        for KRW 2.500.
5.  L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation
     Actually, I bought this when i searching for liquid foundation product, and i'm a little confused            back then to decided between L'oreal or Revlon.

6.  Innisfree Lip Tint
     This is one of Innisfree lip product which has many review from other blogger, i'm interested on it.

7.  Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
     Actually, i got it as a birthday present from my BF, he knew I want this product so bad, but still          haven't buy it.  <3 thank you so much <3 click here for the review

and this is some random stuff which i bought :

1.  Jenne Chocolate in Line Friends Packaging
     I don't even know the taste, i bought it because of the packaging LOL, and it's KRW 800 each.

2.  Namsan Tower Snowball
     On my story before, i'd tell why i am bought this stuff ><, anyway it's KRW 9.900

3.  Kakao Friends mini strap doll
     The more i saw Neo, the more i am in love with this character, too cute, at least i have to buy 1            stuff of Kakao, I bought Ryan pendant as well, i am forgot to take a picture of it, it's KRW 9.000 if      i'm not wrong. and the Neo plush, i forgot how much is that.

Well, that's all what I bought on my May haul, any same product as yours ? let's share !

Thank you for stopping by..
God bless.


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  1. Ya ampun itu HAUL nya dhasyaaat banget, UD3 review dooong??

    1. Hi, review UD 3 udh ada ya ^^
      kindly check http://lucyyliu.blogspot.com/2017/06/review-urban-decay-naked-3-palette.html

      thank you ^^


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