[Review] Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush

June 14, 2017

Searching for flat top brush ?
You should try this one ^^

This is Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush, it comes with two design which is black or silver, i bought it in black, ^^

Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush
It comes with plastic packaging

Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush
Japanese description on the back

Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush
Full black handle stick (17 cm)

Comes with elegant black handle over it's body, with the brand and brush code on it.
With my long and thin hand, it was perfectly suit me, i can grabbed it well, not too weight not too big, just perfect size.

Masami Shouko 319 Flat Top Brush
Brush Detail

It's made from HD filament which perfect to blend powder, cream or liquid product.  I usually use it for my L'oreal liquid foundation.
Actually this is my favorite brush for using foundation. and since the hair isn't too long (compares to my Coastal Scents one), it's also blended the foundation well for under eye and around nose area.
I bought it online for IDR 105.000, at the stores or the official website it cost IDR 128.900.

That's all about it, 
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God bless.


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  1. halo kak salam kenal ya :)
    wah aku juga pengen nih beli brush-nya masami shouko secara banyak yg bilang bagus sih heh. btw mind to visit my blog?


    1. Salam kenal juga :)
      iya brush masami shouko kualitasnya oke, harganya juga lumayan terjangkau ^^
      visited :)


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